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About LED Display Screen Viewing Distance

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China ShenZhen BST Industry Co., Limited certification
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About LED Display Screen Viewing Distance
Latest company news about About LED Display Screen Viewing Distance

In the decision process to purchase a new LED display, your audience is a factor that cannot be ignored. After all, the purpose of your display is to address this audience. If they are unable to view its messaging, then the whole process will have been for nothing. To that point, it is vitally to consider viewing distance as an important factor in the selection and placement of any new LED display screen.


Consider the two following scenes. First, a slow moving country road with few businesses and little traffic. Second, a fast moving stretch of highway crowded with signs of all sorts. Do you think the same sign would be appropriate for each situation? Of course not. Depending on how and where an audience will be viewing a sign, different options will be more effective.


Specifically focusing on viewing distance, most situations can benefit from this rule of thumb. The greater the distance between the audience and sign (and this goes for any sign, not just a digital display) the lower the resolution required in order to maintain optimal effectiveness. Intricate designs may be nice, close up, but from a distance of a few hundred feet or more, they become virtually impossible to see.


As far as text height is concerned, when it comes to viewing distance, 1 inch for every 40 to 50 feet of separation is a commonly accepted ratio. Again, the further an audience is from a sign, the larger a message will need to be.


So, when deciding upon which sign is right for your business, always consider your audience. Viewing distance is an important, though often overlooked, factor in this decision making process. If you’re still unsure what the best option is for you, feel free to contact us(info@bstledsigns.com). We can provide you with our expert opinions on this and any other matter pertaining to digital LED displays.





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