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China ShenZhen BST Industry Co., Limited certification
China ShenZhen BST Industry Co., Limited certification
Customer Reviews
Your company's feedback and solution always the fastest and best, I like your working attitude,It was easy to work with BST.

—— Mr. Robert Walker

Glad to cooperate with BST again,they are patient to answer all questions,professional, knowledgeable,very good service.

—— Mr. Ismael Rodrigues

We would recommend the BST Signs to anyone needing to draw attention to to their business, Appreciate all your help!

—— Mr Roger Vachon

We are very much enjoying our nice led display& look forward to many years of use. Thank you for providing such great service.

—— Mr. Jorge Misri

They are very professional, and always available to provide tech support, they went over making sure that we up and running.

—— Ms Helene Myshka

We have been working with you for over 3 years.We are extremely pleased with BST responsiveness, assistance of the products.

—— Mr. Antoni Rojas Ortiz

We were pleased with the experience of the staff in selection of the LED displays& the other components of the project.

—— Mr. Petar Petrović

You recommended the correct size screen for our application&didn’t pressure us into a sale. I am highly satisfied with BST.

—— Mr. Alonso Ramos Aguilar

Our experience as told you before has been great. I would recommend you guys to anyone looking into buying a led display.

—— Mr. Andreas Müller

We feel we have great product for the dollars spent. It gives us great flexibility in what we are able to communicate through it.

—— Mr Dave Sharpe

We are very happy with the customer service as well as the follow up calls that we have received since our new led display.

—— Mr Juan Garcia Garcia

We were lucky to get the led display with the promotional price, but from our research you seemed like you were competitive.

—— Mr. James Suchat

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QC Profile

BST LED is delivering superior products, solutions, and services, and exceeding customer requirements. Recognizing that the marketplace is the driving force behind everything we do, BST implements effective business processes especially the quality control process that support value creation for our customers. We strictly comply with the requirements of 7S, ISO9001-2008 and ISO14000 system during the whole process of production, such as Raw material quality control system; Production procedure quality control system; Aging, assembly production and finished product waterproof testing; Packaging and loading etc 4 sides control systems to ensure the product to be high quality, the important is many of our products have passed CE, ROHS, CCC, FCC, UL etc certification.


Step 1. Automatic SMD LED testing & sorting system


SMD LED lamps is the basic and most important component, The Quality of SMD LED lamps directly influence the color performance and life span of LED display screen. Due to our automatic SMD LED high accuracy and high speed testing and sorting machine, the wavelength of SMD LED lamps are controlled within 5nm. this ensure the color consistency.


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Step 2. Auto Optical Inspection


Soldering Point Checking and Electronic Component inspection

It’s the AOI (Auto Optical Inspection) machine, and it is BST latest equipment used to check each soldering point on the PCB board. Instead of checking all the soldering point by naked eyes which is easy to cause inaccuracy and failure of the product, we use this latest machine to make sure no leave out and nonstandard soldering on the PCB board. It also will check if all the devices are mounted on their right position and if they are mounted in the right way.

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Step 3. High-temperature Test


After AOI, the PCB will be put into this machine for high-temperature test. High Temp. Testing Machine Under specific environment where is very high temperature and BST LED display will be work under that condition, BST will do the high temp. testing of each module to ensure our finished products can stand the high temperature working environment. To ensure the best quality and to have BST LED display perform to its best as well as to have our customers gain much more benefit from the display, BST will do what all it can do to its best.

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Step 4. Module Burning


After the module production is finished, and before they are sent to the next production line, BST will do the module testing following the principle of 72 hours testing for outdoor/indoor modules and with 2~5 mins interval of every 8 hours to power up the modules again. If the module works normally with each 8 hours time phrases, then BST will say it is passed the test. Otherwise, the problem modules will be repaired by technicians. This production process is to find the possible problem at the first time, so to ensure our high quality.


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Step 5. LED display screen aging test


When all LED cabinet are assembled, all will be powered and do aging test, with at least 72hrs white color aging test.

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Step 6. vibration test

After the cabinet aging test passed, then we will be use the Vibration machine to testing.

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Step 7. outdoor led screen waterproof test

After the vibration testing passed, then for all the outdoor le screen will put inside the water to 3mins, then to check all the cabinet and module inside no any water, make sure the outdoor led display installed on outdoor the water proof level must to be IP65 at least.

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Step 8. Packaging & loading

After all the testing ok, QC checked passed, then our worker will cleaning full cabinet, then use the protect material to protected the cabinet, and put in the special customized flight case or wooden case. When the product will be shipping, our working will loading the cases very carefully to the container.


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  • China ShenZhen BST Industry Co., Limited certification


  • China ShenZhen BST Industry Co., Limited certification


  • China ShenZhen BST Industry Co., Limited certification


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