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China ShenZhen BST Industry Co., Limited certification
China ShenZhen BST Industry Co., Limited certification
Customer Reviews
Your company's feedback and solution always the fastest and best, I like your working attitude,It was easy to work with BST.

—— Mr. Robert Walker

Glad to cooperate with BST again,they are patient to answer all questions,professional, knowledgeable,very good service.

—— Mr. Ismael Rodrigues

We would recommend the BST Signs to anyone needing to draw attention to to their business, Appreciate all your help!

—— Mr Roger Vachon

We are very much enjoying our nice led display& look forward to many years of use. Thank you for providing such great service.

—— Mr. Jorge Misri

They are very professional, and always available to provide tech support, they went over making sure that we up and running.

—— Ms Helene Myshka

We have been working with you for over 3 years.We are extremely pleased with BST responsiveness, assistance of the products.

—— Mr. Antoni Rojas Ortiz

We were pleased with the experience of the staff in selection of the LED displays& the other components of the project.

—— Mr. Petar Petrović

You recommended the correct size screen for our application&didn’t pressure us into a sale. I am highly satisfied with BST.

—— Mr. Alonso Ramos Aguilar

Our experience as told you before has been great. I would recommend you guys to anyone looking into buying a led display.

—— Mr. Andreas Müller

We feel we have great product for the dollars spent. It gives us great flexibility in what we are able to communicate through it.

—— Mr Dave Sharpe

We are very happy with the customer service as well as the follow up calls that we have received since our new led display.

—— Mr Juan Garcia Garcia

We were lucky to get the led display with the promotional price, but from our research you seemed like you were competitive.

—— Mr. James Suchat

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Company News
china latest news about The LED display screen's time is coming

The LED display screen's time is coming

[2016-09-30 17:13:30]
LED display is widely used in various industries. With the development of LED display technology, LED display has taken an important step to high brightness and low consumption. Recently, with the improvement of LED technology, the new LED display was made by use of high material driver is stable, ... Read More
china latest news about How to maintain LED display?

How to maintain LED display?

[2016-09-30 17:07:42]
Nowadays, LED display is very hot in the domestic market and international market, but many customers do not know how to maintain the display, so BSTLed teach you how to maintain display. First, you should know what cause the display not work. Display not work or not work good led eighty percent is ... Read More
china latest news about Why is there a small pitch LED screen by many people of all ages?

Why is there a small pitch LED screen by many people of all ages?

[2016-09-30 16:59:45]
Why LED large screen companies interested in the development of a small pitch LED large-screen products it? The answer is threefold: First, the traditional outdoor product technology gradually climb, indoor small pitch products into the next major expansion of space technology, which instigated the ... Read More
china latest news about Classification of Sports LED displays

Classification of Sports LED displays

[2016-09-27 15:46:43]
Sports Led displays can be divided into two types. One is used to broadcast on live, and another is used to count the time and run the scores. The network control system process the information and control the displayed message, which can provide immediate data for internet broadcasting as well as ... Read More
china latest news about LED Display Lifetime

LED Display Lifetime

[2016-09-27 15:40:09]
The operational lifetime of an LED Display is determined by the lifetime of the LEDs. LED Manufacturers estimate the LED lifetime to be 100,000 hours under certain operating conditions. LED Display end of lifetimes is when the frontal brightness has decreated to 50% of original brightness. Three ... Read More
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